About Us


Rural Development Society was established in the year 1994 by some likeminded people, social workers and scholars. The organisation was set up with purely non-profit motive to help the downtrodden sections of the community. The pathetic conditions led by the target people in Kadapa district are responsible for the starting of the voluntary organisation. In the entire district is drought affected area with excessive population growth rate. Most of the people are poor and living below poverty line. These situations influenced the Executive Body members of “RDS” and they established it with a prime motto to help the poor, needy, depressed and oppressed communities in the society.

Legal Status:

‘Rural Development Society’ is a Non-Governmental Organisation. It is a non-profit making and Non-Religious voluntary organisation.

  • It was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Regd.No.569/1994.

  • RDS also registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulations)Act 1976. FCRA No.010160441.
  • Organizational Structure:

    In the year 1994 organisation was set up with 75 members. These members elected the Executive Body. The Executive Body consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Directors. The Executive Body is responsible for the smooth functioning of the projects which are designed and implemented as per the objectives of the organisation.

    Presently the organisation has ample man power. It consists of 9 members in Executive Body and 250 members in General Body. The General Body members belong to different sections of the communities and took their members in RDS by taking a clear view of the objectives, method of achieving the selected goals. These general body members are the strength of the organisation. They voluntarily contribute money from their earnings and it is used for the benefit of the needy target people. In each Mandal Head Quarters inKadapa district our volunteers are functioning. The organisation’s volunteers actively participate and render their relentless services for the effective implementation of the project. Further we have 30 volunteers who came forward to provide service freely. The volunteers identify the problems in the target villages, suggest remedial measures and submit their reports through Animators. This enables our organisation to make a survey and identify the problems and search for remedial measures. They are all responsible to the Executive Body of R.D.S.

    Our RDS having 5 Office staff consisting 1 Project Coordinator, 2 Women Organisors, 1Tailoring Instructor, 1 Accountant-cum-Office Assistant. They are directly responsible to the President.

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